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Certainty trough

One way of approaching this might be in terms of the relationships between trust in the future and different actors’ proximity to the actual scientific work. In other…

Fuzzy semantics

In this article I have suggested that the grammatical ambiguity and logical fallacies entailed in the concept of technology are linked with a fetishistic perception of modern artefacts….


The problem isn’t the scientific description or analysis of presence-at-hand per se; Heidegger is not anti-science. The problem is scientism, the view that science gives us the whole…

This-worldly conception

Phenomenology endorses a this-worldly conception of objectivity and reality and seeks to overcome the scepticism that argues that the way the world appears to us is compatible with…

Cognitive detour

Perhaps modern science has succeeded to well. It has become difficult for us to recognize that much of our being does not have a cognitive and representational aspect….