Hi, welcome to my personal website. I have a ph.d. from Roskilde University & I am a senior lecturer at the Copenhagen School of design and Technology. I have taught courses in web development and communication design, and that experience has prompted me to start deeper research on the effects of digitization on creativity and innovation. That project morphed into a dissertation on “The political arguments for digitizing education”, a project that was completed in 2019. Download it here.

I have a master degree in Arts & Cultural studies from the University of Copenhagen. For reasons I will never understand, I wrote a thesis on the concept of rationality in Robert Musils “The man without qualities”.

Before my current position I worked for more than a decade in a partner-owned consultancy firm specialized in the field of new media, for a wide range of companies here in Denmark. Activities included webdesign, streaming, online video-technologies, podcasting, blogging platforms, social media etc – finally offering concerted online communication strategies.

On a more personal note: I have an international background, was born in Zambia and raised in Switzerland, with breakout attempts to live in Paris, Cambridge and Athens, before settling in Copenhagen. I’m gifted with three wonderful children and I can’t wait till february, so I can challenge the icy waters at the Badekompagniet!

Feel free to get in touch, or visit my LinkedIN profile.