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Cybernetic pedagogy?

I’m pretty happy to have gotten this website up and running. It has become a cognitive prosthetic of great value to me – first of all because I…


This disregard for ‘passivity’ is, in my view, a philosophical deficiency. In Gerd Biesta’s work, for instance, we find a recent emphasis on passivity. Biesta writes that learning…

Le design de la visibilité

Aussi dans: Cardon, D. (2019). Culture Numérique. SciencesPo Les Presses.

Blindness in seeing

Should one have the ambition of scanning learning processes in situ and in actu in a school class for just one hour, it would not be enough to…

Quatre familles d’algorithmes

Cardon, D. (2019). Culture Numérique. SciencesPo Les Presses.

Goodhart’s law

Goodhart’s law is an adage named after economist Charles Goodhart, which has been phrased by Marilyn Strathern as “When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.”[1]One way…

Inclusive AI Resources

A list compiled by the CITRIS Policy Lab at CITRIS and the Banatao Institute, UC Berkeley.