Our core message is that when we look at both the past and present, the technology has been a great deal like the emperor’s new clothes—while the gadgetry exists and glistens, its threads are not yet truly golden.


However, 60 years of evaluation data show no major quantum leap in the impact of technology on learner outcomes. Most of the current technological interventions in schooling remain average or below in their ability to enhance student learning—when the technology is used in schools and classrooms. The notable exceptions are intelligent tutoring systems (slightly above average, but select carefully) and micro-teaching/video review of lessons by teachers (well above average, but requires willpower to implement effectively). We wait with excitement to add the findings from the COVID-19-induced Great Distance Learning Experiment to the Visible Learning database. Our hunch is that this experiment will give us more granular data about the best ways to use existing technology effectively.

John Hattie & Arran Hamilton

Not all that glitters is gold – can education technology finally deliver? Hattie, J. & Hamilton, A. A Joint Publication / Corwin & Cognition Education Group (2020).