Thus one must quite systematically inquire back into those things taken for granted which, not only for Kant but for all philosophers, all scientists, make up an unspoken ground [Grund] of their cognitive accomplishments, hidden in respect to its deeper mediating functions. Further, there must be a systematic disclosure of the intentionality which vitally holds sway and is sedimented in this ground – in other words, there must be a genuine, i.e. an “intentional analysis” of mental being in its absolute peculiarity and of that which has come to be in and through the mind, an analysis which does not permit the reigning psychology to substitute for it a realistic [reale] analysis of a naturalistically conceived soul, [which would be] alien to the essence of the mental.

edmund husserl

Husserl, E. The crisis of European Sciences and Transcendental Phenomenology. Northwestern University Press (1970).