The report underscores the importance of learning to live both with and without digital technology; to take what is needed from an abundance of information but ignore what is not necessary; to let technology support, but never supplant, the human connection on which teaching and learning are based. The focus should be on learning outcomes, not digital inputs. To help improve learning, digital technology should be not a substitute for but a complement to face-to-face interaction with teachers.


Technology has great promise for improving existing
teaching and learning processes. However, evidence of
success is limited and this is particularly true of large-scale
research that systematically explores how technology
can facilitate positive changes in a sustained way and in
diverse contexts. Attributing conclusive, specific learning
outcomes to hardware or software is challenging.
Positive impact is often dependent on strong pedagogical
alignment and teacher input. (p. 81)

Global Education Monitoring Report Team, UNESCO

UNESCO (2023). Global education monitoring report, 2023: technology in education: a tool on whose terms?