Our basic, and first, proposal is that risk and accountablity should be much more centrally placed in megaproject decision making than is currently the case. We see good decision making as a question not only of better and more rational information, but also of institutional arrangements that provide the checks and balances necessary to ensure accountability, here especially accountability toward the substantial risks that we have shown exist in megaproject development. Financial, environmental and safety risks cannot be eliminated from megaprojects, but they can be acknowledged and reduced through careful identification of and allocation to those best suited to carry them.

bent flyvbjerg

Comment: Flyvbjergs book instantly made me think that it would be productive to try and frame digitization of education as a megaproject (as opposed to a ‘revolution’, a ‘phenomenon’, an unavoidable development, something people want):

Flyvbjerg, B (2003). Megaprojects and Risk. Cambridge University Press.