Global education stakeholders are working together in partnership to address a key education challenge: how educators can design and practice teaching and learning that leads to more successful futures for all students. The partnership aims to articulate and demonstrate how the true potential for learning can be realized through new pedagogies in a technology-rich society.


A fundamental premise of this initiative is that technology can play an indispensable deepening and accelerating role across all education processes. Students use it to produce work; teachers use it as part of learning activity design, incorporating multiple digital resources and strategies (from video lectures to social media to gaming to expert inquiry); new assessments use technology in myriad ways; and schools and systems use it for collaboration, data sharing, learning analytics and stakeholder communication.

Michael Fullan & Maria Langworthy

Fullan, M., & Langworthy, M. (2013). New pedagogies for Deep Learning. Towards a New End: New Pedagogies for Deep Learning, (June). Retrieved from