Some of the benefits identified by researchers regarding the use of ICT are as follows (Taylor, 2012), (Shirky, 2010): 

– Improves visual skills and spatial capabilities
– Boosts multitasking abilities 
– Increases problem-solving abilities 
– Encourages collaborative interaction
– May improve reaction times (for example thanks to the use of video games) 
– Improves pupils’ motivation 

Some of the concerns raised by researchers and academia are as follows (Spitzer, 2012): 

– Reduction of concentration capacities and ability to think deeply (generate wisdom) 
– Diminution of memory 
– Decline of the quality of personal relationships (generation of superficial relationships) 
– Generates risks associated with cyber mobbing and bullying 

Risks of technology overuse: addiction
– Sleep disorders
– Anxiety/depression
– Increase of sedentary habits (health related problems)
– May increase aggressive behaviours.

Rafael Rivera Pastor & Carlota Tarín Quirós

Pastor, R. R., & Quirós, C. T. (2015). Learning and teaching technology options. Retrieved from