Well, of course I am not my brain – for my brain is certainly not married, not a psychiatrist, and it has no children. Even worse, it does not see nor hear anything, it cannot read or write, it cannot dance or play the piano, and so on. Thus I am rather glad not to be my brain, but to only have
However, the personalizing language is not only meant figuratively or metaphorically, as the defense of this position is often articulated – on the contrary, it is precisely a succesful naturalization which requires infiltrating intentional vocabulary into the description of subpersonal processes. For what could be explained about man if one only described monotonous, electrochemical processes on the neuronal membranes? The dissection of the live whole into micro-processes must, at least verbally be undone, in order to reach the levels of perceptions, motives, and actions again.

thomas fuchs

Fuchs, T. (2018). The Ecological Brain. Oxford University Press.