This article has identified that the OECD elected to deal with educational technology on account of its predominant styles of reasoning, namely, that the world was increasingly beginning to revolve around the use of technology. Four rationales (pedagogical, social, vocational and transformational) shaped the CERI’ s engagement with computer education. However, using the CERI as a ‘ vantage point’  also elucidated a fifth rationale: technology as an amplifier of educational expansion and a remedy to meet the challenges resulting from the high demand for education. The computer was portrayed as a tool for providing more students with more education, thus facilitating expansion in order to generate more human capital.

Barbara Hof & Regula Bürgi

Hof, B., & Bürgi, R. (2021). The OECD as an arena for debate on the future uses of computers in schools. Globalisation, Societies and Education.