This lack of motivation was linked to contextual issues which included: family obligations, e.g., looking after siblings or helping out at home or on the farm; distractions like Netflix or online shopping; inaccessibility of teacher or peer help; lack of extrinsic consequences; and the lack of distinction between home and school. For some, ‘the hardest part of working from home was finding the motivation to do schoolwork during the uncertainty of the state of world’. Without the extrinsic drivers of school, routine, consequences, resources and easy access to teacher and peer support, many students reported being unable to find the intrinsic motivation to study. Timing choice was also a demotivator.

Anne Yates, Louise Starkey, Ben Egerton and Florian Flueggen

Anne Yates , Louise Starkey , Ben Egerton & Florian Flueggen (2020): High school students’ experience of online learning during Covid-19: the influence of technology and pedagogy, Technology, Pedagogy and Education, DOI: 10.1080/1475939X.2020.1854337