Should one have the ambition of scanning learning processes in situ and in actu in a school class for just one hour, it would not be enough to scan the individual pupil in splendid isolation. The whole class, including the teacher, would have to be placed in a giant scanner in order to be able to get data on all the linguistic, social and bodily interactions among the 20–40 people involved in one hour of highly invisible educational interactions. Besides the tough and probably insurmountable technical challenges of establishing such an experimental setting (should the people be held in individual tubes?), the wildest task would be to transform something such as 60 x 20 to 40 x 13 x 1012 synaptic ‘learning’ data into a trustworthy scientific language.

steen nepper larsen

Larsen, S. (2019). Blindness in Seeing: A Philosophical Critique of the Visible Learning Paradigm in Education. Education Sciences, 9(1), 47.