Our key findings are that digital home schooling to a large degree consisted of students doing individual tasks, with limited support from their teachers, especially in the lowest grades. We discuss how the unequal access to qualified help at home challenges some of the core ideals of the Nordic model of education—where equal opportunities to learn is a key ambition.

Blikstad-Balas, M., Roe, A., Dalland, C. P., & Klette, K. (2022). Homeschooling in Norway During the Pandemic-Digital Learning with Unequal Access to Qualified Help at Home and Unequal Learning Opportunities Provided by the School BT  – Primary and Secondary Education During Covid-19: Disruptions to Educational Opportunity During a Pandemic (F. M. Reimers (ed.); pp. 177–201). Springer International Publishing. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-81500-4_7