Digital technology is an expanding area of education policy. There is growing interest, therefore, in how networks of corporate and state policy actors implicit in the formation of (inter)national education technology agendas intersect with local school systems and teachers. In particular, this paper explores the significant policy work that takes place outside schools and classrooms through education trade shows. Based on an in-depth ‘event ethnography’ of one large Scandinavian educational technology show, the paper details how these events function as sites of policy interpretation – ‘sharing’ (or more accurately ‘selling’) global ideas and imperatives to local schools and teachers.

Player-Koro et al.

Player-Koro, C., Bergviken Rensfeldt, A., & Selwyn, N. (2018). Selling tech to teachers: education trade shows as policy events. Journal of Education Policy, 33(5), 682–703.