The introduction of computers, systems analysis, and various new media into education has been heralded as a panecea for for all the problems now facing our schools. The potential of new educational technology is indeed great, but much needs to be done before it can be realized. Computers and computing languages need extensive development to be sensitive and reliable enough for educational use. Before a systems approach to new curricula can be implemented, educational goals must be established which balance the need to foster creativity with the need for rote learning of basic formula and facts. The cost and unreliability of autoinstructional aids has been underestimated, as has been the time necessary to develop and test new equipment. Retraining of present faculties and training of new teachers to use the material now available lags far behind.

Anthony G. Oettinger, Sema MArks

 Run, Computer, Run; The Mythology of Educational Innovation. Harvard University Press (1969).