Meaningful, impactful education is like this, too. It’s not just a matter of rote learning, of memorizing facts, or of internalizing certain routines. If anything, it’s also about breaking those routines, through dialogue and confrontation, through discovery and through exposure to ideas and approaches that might even initially look wrong and off-putting. It takes a seasoned pedagogue and respectful peers to get over that discomfort and turn it into an enriching and satisfying experience.  Today as the EdTech industry peddles its Soylent-like solutions, it is extremely important to shed critical light on the dangerous solutionist path that our societies, impoverished by the unexpected pandemic, have been following in the past few years. In this spirit I propose a few key lessons on the perils of today’s EdTech.

Evgeny Morozov

Morozov, E. (7 July 2022) Avoiding solutionism in the digital transformation of education. UNESCO Futures of Education Ideas LAB. Retrieved from