Neoliberal commentators place primary blame on the shortcomings of educators [9]. They emphasize that teachers have relatively high rates of absenteeism [10], often fail to cover their curriculum over the course of the year, and possess poor subject knowledge and pedagogical skill [11]. Conflicts with teachers’ unions occupy the news (Masondo, 2016a; Jansen, 2014; Paton, 2016). Teachers have continually resisted media, academic, and government pressure to implement biometric surveillance for attendance, periodic inspections into classrooms, salary-linked performance (i.e., merit pay), and the encroachment of standardized testing such as the ANAs [12].

Michael Kwet

Operation Phakisa Education: Why a secret? Mass surveillance, inequality, and race in South Africa’s emerging national e-education system
by Michael Kwet. First Monday, Volume 22, Number 12 – 4 December 2017